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From Farmers to Farmers...

As one of the largest farming operations in Berwickshire, Drydsdales, like many farmers struggled finding the right workers.

Let down by transient gang masters and agencies who didn't understand farming, especially during the busy planting and harvesting seasons, they decided to set up their own agency, Option A.

This high level of service in backed up by what our customers like you say about us.

What we do

Based out of Drysdales' large processing plant, near Cockburnspath, we have been offering temporary workers to local farmers like you for the past 3 years

· Harvest Workers & Pickers

· Tractor Drivers

· Forklift & Plant Operators

· Planting & Weeding Workers

· Fleecing and Irrigation Specialists

· General Labourers

· Packhouse Workers

You may think of agency workers as being there for harvest , planting or lambing  but our farming customers use them for far more.

  • Clear out your old woodland, yards & barns

We have recently supplied workers to clear up the brash from a recently felled wood.  Tidying and burning the brash.

Whilst they were at it they were able to use their forklift experience to help clear old machinery out from the yard.

  • Lay out your fleece & irrigation

Tricky and expensive if it goes wrong let us help you with your fleecing and irrigation.

As one of the largest growers in the area we have a large pool of experienced operators who we are able to lend out to other farmers.

  • Holiday and sickness cover

Whatever the skill or experience you require; weeding, planting, tractor driving, forklift or animal husbandry we are likely to have experienced and proven workers.

  • SAWS cancellation

With the abolition of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) we are your replacement source of experienced field workers.

With competition for UK & EU nationals likely to be fierce, you can rely on Option A to have a pool of experienced, hard working temporary labour to help you bring your harvest in.


 For a discussion of your needs or to book your workers call or e-mail

Nick Scott on 07766 054 947


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I have to pay the workers?
A. Your workers will usually be paid by the hour according to the normal Agricultural Wages Board amounts.  We will then look after all NI and tax payments.

Q. How quickly can I hire someone?
A. The more notice we have the better but we can respond in a matter of a few hours if your need is urgent.

Q. My farm is very remote?
A.    Most farms are! Though we are based in the Borders too, along with our workers.  We also ensure they have their own transport and detailed directions to your location.

Q. I need experienced, serious, workers, not just students on holiday?
A.   We have long serving highly experienced workers in many disciplines, let us know your requirements and  we should be able to match them.

Q. Can I pay them piece rate?
A.   Yes and whats more we will monitor it for you to ensure the pay stays the legal side of the AWO minimum rate, for your peace of mind.

Q. I need somebody right now, how long does it take to hire someone?
A.   As long as it takes to make a phone call and for one of our experienced workers to drive to your farm for most roles..