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​​​​​​Temporary Labour

Our varied customer base have many reasons for choosing to benefit from using our quickly available, hardworking, hassle free temporary labour services. Some of these reasons include:

  • ​Seasona​lity- e​.g. coping with the summer increase in guests at a holiday park or Christmas sales peak.
  • Holiday cover-  e.​g ​cover for key staff members and forklift drivers allowing their regular staff to enjoy their holidays.
  • ​Sales growth- e.g. ensuring that orders are fulfilled and standards maintained when large orders materialise

 Our ability to respond quickly to your needs is also essential for those unplanned but unavoidable events:

  • ​Cover for staff sickness and unexpected absence-  e.g. a call at 8am can give you a temp by 9am.
  • Maternity & paternity leave-  short or long term we've got it covered.
  • Production difficulties and breakdowns-  no one wants these, but if you have to double up a shift or go manual we will provide you with a motivated hardworking crew.

In the ideal world we agree that having your own permanent staff is nearly always the best option, but when your customers demand flexibility of response, orders aren't always certain and business comes in peaks and troughs, temps provide an excellent way of managing your costs and risk.

  • ​​​Simple- Just pick up the phone  to one of our experienced consultants and we'll do the rest, handling all paperwork, checks and admin.
  • Fast- We have a pool of available, proven local workers enabling us to react quickly to your challenges.
  • Value for money- Enjoy tight rate controls, transparent pricing and only paying for the work done, no make work, idle hands or redundancy
  • Risk free- ​Our workers are not tied like your employees, you can use them as much or ​as little as you want, no ties, contracts or obligations. Great opportunity to try out a worker before offering them a permanent position​
To find out more about temporary staff or to book yoiur workers either call Nick Scott on 07766 054 947 or use our contact form.





"Option A have been able to send us the same people for the duration of our busy periods, meaning we've kept a stable and productive team.  This has made the exercise even more cost effective, increasing both outputs and quality of work."

Alice Snowden - Cheviot Trees