Our new Tempbuddy App upgrade for you

To help us offer you work more effectively and to improve the accuracy of our time recording Option A have begun a £50,000 investment in cutting edge recruitment and scheduling software.  Out new system based on Adapt and Tempbuddy is the latest in scheduling and time capture software allowing you to interact with our system in real-time via an app on your smartphone.

We will begin a phased roll out of Tempbuddy to our working temps and new registrants from Monday 28th November and you will all be receiving a number of emails explaining how it works and giving you log-in details to your own portal, but you can download the app and have a play with it from here if its an Android device or here if its an Apple.

So what is Tempbuddy?

Tempbuddy will allow you to carry out a number of tasks far more easily and quickly than currently:

  1.  You can update your availability of when you are or aren’t available for work
  2. We will offer you work and shifts through the app which you can accept and it will then show your upcoming shifts in an easy to use calandar planner
  3. You will receive immediate job updates and information when you accept, including a detailed map of where you will be working
  4. You will use it to clock in and clock out to help avoid any payroll errors, ensuring we know exactly when you were working to avoid any disputes as we can always prove you were on site now.

If you have any questions please contact your local office and we will be sending out plenty of information on how it will work.

Lastly though you will need a smartphone to make it work, don’t worry if you don’t have one as we can still contact you by SMS text message.