Major £100K Investment Announcement

Option A are pleased to announce a major £100,000 investment as part of our continual improvement our services.  We are rolling out the very latest in cutting edge recruitment software, Sirenum, which will have many benefits for both our temps and customers.


Over the next 2 weeks all of our temps and candidates will receive an email inviting you to download a new app on your phone to replace our current Tempbuddy system.  Not only new system will let you know where you’ll be working, how to get there and your rate of pay, it will also let you view and book holidays, request extra work or mark yourself as unavailable.

Similarly, to Tempbuddy it will allow you to clock in and out each shift but having listened to your concerns about using too much data it will not require you to take a picture each time, just using GPS to verify your clock in location.  We also will set up clock in terminals at our bigger clients especially if they have poor mobile signal or do not allow phones in work.

It will also have a portal where you can update and check your details, especially useful if you move house or change banks and you can view and download all of you payslips too.

There are a large number of hidden changes at the back end that will allow us to more easily find the most suitable work for you and importantly take into account any safety training and equipment you have alongside taking into account whether you are fatigued or haven’t had enough rest.   Additionally is will calculate your pay more accurately and speed up customer approval for your hours.  This is crucial as the easier it is for customers to book and approve hours for our temps, the more they will use Option A, meaning even more great shifts, hours and choice of work for you.

When you receive the email inviting you to join it will have full instructions, but it is very easy, simply login with the email address that you received the email and choose your password.  You should then start receiving shift invites over the next few days.

You may also still receive invites from Tempbuddy too, please keep responding to these too as both systems will run in parallel for a couple of weeks until we are sure everyone has migrated successfully.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your usual consultant or drop me an email at