We are still recruiting

Option A are aware of the dreadful effects of Covid-19, not only on peoples’ health but also on the health of the economy.  This is especially tough for those of you working in the retail and hospitality sectors. We sincerely hope for a rapid end to this and look forward to a full recovery in affected sectors.

However, if you are facing redundancy, been laid off or have been sent home with reduced or few hours we are still recruiting and have lots of opportunities for work and hours.

Many of our customers are in sectors that will continue despite the pandemic, such as farming, food and food manufacture. In fact, with more people staying at home and cooking demand in food factories has never been higher. Also, with borders closing and travel between countries virtually ceasing there will be very few further migrant workers in the UK this summer creating plenty of vacancies for fruit picking and the harvest.

Some of our vacancies include:

  • Vegetable packers, trimmers and forklift drivers – all year
  • Planting squads April-May
  • Fruit picking, mostly strawberries and raspberries May-September
  • Weeding and Roguing – Late May -July
  • Grain Harvest – General operatives, lab techs, forklift and tractor drivers from late June until late September
  • Potato harvest – August to November

Woman smiling in field while picking crops.

These jobs are all secure, paid weekly and there is often great overtime or picking bonuses allowing people to earn between £3-500pw.

Production Food Operative

Based either in the fresh air or within modern hygienic factories with good facilities, we even have the opportunity to travel and work in different parts of Scotland.  You may be surprised how well your skills will transfer or how much fun it is to learn new ones.

We appreciate these opportunities may not suit everyone, though what better time to give it consideration to trying something new, so why not call one of our consultants in Berwick on 01289 – 545050, Musselburgh on 0131 – 677 6900 or at R&K Drysdales on 01368 830 448 to find out more. All of our offices are open by appointment for interviews and registration.